What is the company's shares that

shareholders holding?

Shareholders will hold the listed company share.
Currently EVO is co-operating with Australia main board listed company.


Market share value of GPS :


Apart from withdrawal, anything else can exchange for Gene?


Australian main board listed shares, company namely GPS.


Malaysia luxury condominium, transfer assets under asset ownership contract.


Intron, online and offline discount coupon.


Jewellery and supplement products.

What is EVO?

How to register?

How to Join/Register Gene app?

The only two things required in order to enjoy Gene's
benefits and deals, which are:

A valid mobile number and register (free registration)

After app installed,go to “Setting” > “General” “Device Management” > “CLICK INTERNET TRAFFIC” > “ Trust”

After app installed,go to “Setting” > “General” “Device Management” > “CLICK INTERNET TRAFFIC” > “ Trust”

After app installed, open link:
https://download.geneapp.io/referral?code= GM-25763348&type=live and press on 'JOIN NOW' button

Select or key in you purchase quantity.

Send the USDT deposit QR code to 01157678562.

We will contact you once we have receive the QR code

Purchase Gene

Do I need to purchase a certain amount of Gene Package?

No limit, USD 1 is accepted too.