Feb 24

How to Earn Quick Income in Malaysia

There’s a popular phrase that goes, “Money can’t buy happiness”. While money isn’t everything, there’s no denying that it remains an important means to an end. Along with our economic system which is based on capitalism, money is and will always be important.

Importance of Money

As a universal medium of exchange, money gives you the ability to trade your labour to get what you need and sometimes, the things that you want – for a short moment of happiness. With enough money in your pocket, you can have the freedom to do what you want with your time, the power to pursue your dreams, and security.

However, money is also the root of all evil as the obsession with money can create a host of problems and be a source of disagreements. Generally, it’s human nature to keep wanting more, and the more you have, the more you want.

That said, the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the importance of having stable finances for many. Families that rely on daily wages have to find other means of income, small, medium business owners have to find ways to keep their business afloat, and businesses have to retrench their employees to minimise business expenditures.

The financial impact of the pandemic is massive to the point that many people, especially those within the lower-income group, are left to fend for themselves without getting the necessary support to ensure their survival.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re looking for ways to earn money. Regardless of your situation, you can always rely on online platforms to give you the means to earn some income. Ahead, we’re sharing some ways for you to earn a quick side income in Malaysia.

Ways to Earn Money Online

Making money online is a great opportunity if you want to earn a side income or generate a passive income. Unfortunately, there's no easy way of earning fast money. Much like your regular day job, you have to contribute some of your time, effort, patience, and persistence to earn the money. The following is a list of ways you can earn money online in Malaysia.

1. Blogging

Blogging is essentially about writing. But, it’s also important to know and understand what you’re writing. Finding a niche for your blog can be tricky but with good content and clear comprehension, it can bring consistency and growth over long periods. Also, Google tends to reward useful articles that are properly SEO-optimised.

Nonetheless, anyone including yourself can start a blog with no particular technical skills or knowledge. You get to have full flexibility on how and when you’re going to work at it. However, it won’t be easy at first as you need to grind hard and put plenty of effort into writing a blog.

2. Social media influence

With the rise of social media platforms such as Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. you too can reap the benefits of creating a social media influence. According to the January 2021 report by We Are Social, there are about 4.2 billion social media users in the world. This figure suggests that social media has grown throughout the current global pandemic.

That said, everyone has the potential to grow their social media influence. Much like blogging, social media influence grows when you create quality and regular posts based on your knowledge and expertise on your preferred social media channels. Once you generate large followings of people, you can expect to work with brands to achieve their marketing objectives.

3. Live-stream gaming

You don’t have to be a professional gamer to earn money online. With the right live streaming platform, you can simply make a small amount of side income. Most gamers like to watch how other people play games. It’s either to improve their gaming strategy or for entertainment purposes.

Generally, you need to have the necessary skills to be worthy of live-streaming your game. That way, it'll be easier to earn views and followers. Otherwise, funny commentaries while you’re playing the game would do so that viewers don’t get bored.

4. Sell online

Selling online is simple but can also be difficult at the same time. You don’t need to have a physical store to start selling or even a product to begin with – known as dropshipping. Like any other businesses that struggle to keep their physical stores, online stores are known to have high competition due to frequent price comparisons.

Hence, if you’re thinking of selling online, make sure the products or services you sell are useful and priced competitively to stand out. Also, if you do the selling properly, it can turn into a full-fledged business, allowing you to gain fast money in Malaysia.

5. Online coaching

As more people choose to stay home to minimise the spread of COVID-19, online coaching has become an alternative to face-to-face teaching. This allows experts, masters, gurus, etc. to thrive during the pandemic. With the help of modern technology, coaches can teach and interact with their students online.

However, it’s important to determine your coaching expertise. That’s because people are more likely to sign up for a course that helps them to make more money. Also, you don’t have to worry about the operation cost as it requires only the internet and some electronics. Thus, you can expect a high-margin profit for online coaching.

Aside from these methods, there’s another way to gain fast money online in Malaysia – online investment.Gene offers an investment plan that can multiply your wealth, manage and increase your digital assets.

You can also earn a daily income and convert your earnings to invest in property and jewellery.

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