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Jan 29

GeneApp in Malaysia

With so many different types of investment platforms available to investors, it can be challenging to choose one that works best for you. Some investment platforms may offer you great returns, while some do offer you returns but may scam your hard-earned money.

Introducing GeneApp, one of the investment platforms in Malaysia. Supported and promoted by a Singapore-based company that is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), you can rest assured that your investment in GeneApp will yield rewarding returns.

What is GeneApp?

Like any other investment provider in Malaysia, GeneApp is an online investment platform which allows people to invest their money in tokens. With GeneApp, your tokens, also known as Gene, are integrated with Blockchain technology which gives you the opportunity to invest in property and listed equities.

That said, GeneApp is a financial tool that can multiply your wealth, manage, and increase the value of your digital assets. You can liken it to investing your money in fixed deposits but in the form of tokens.

Why do people invest in GeneApp?

Much like investing in stock markets, people choose to invest in GeneApp as it allows investors to receive a daily income without having to do anything. Imagine having to monitor the stock trend and deciding whether to sell or buy the stocks, it’s can be a nightmare for beginners if they don’t understand how the market works.

GeneApp, on the other hand, doesn’t require investors to invest too much of their time.

Instead, you just need to invest ample amount of time and money to receive monthly returns from 1.5% of your investment. Not only that, but you may also receive extra shares in the second year of your financial investment plan with GeneApp.

Benefits of investing in GeneApp

1. Profit-sharing income

After purchasing Gene, investors of GeneApp can collect a daily income, known as G-Credit, from other investors on the platform. You can also send your daily G-Credit to new investors and introduce your friends to GeneApp. That way, it increases your daily G-Credit.

Besides, you can convert your G-Credit to Gene to upgrade your account. Not only that, but you can also receive your funds in USDT through the withdrawal process in GeneApp.

2. Listed company’s share

Once you’ve grown your Gene account, you can use them to buy shares in companies listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). This allows you to generate revenue from its initial growth value, earning you more money in the long run.

Among the listed companies that you can invest in is a Life Internet Ecosystem and Industrial Technology Finance Company. They're backed by valuable assets which means you'll get some returns regardless of how much you invest.

3. Property

Aside from sharing your profit income with other GeneApp users and investing in shares, you can use Gene to invest in properties endorsed by GeneApp. The two property investments are 280 Park Homes and The Face Suites.

Located in prime locations in the Klang Valley, you can rent out these properties to earn a stable monthly income. However, if you prefer having a second home in any of these locations, you can convert your Gene tokens to own any of them.

4. Jewellery

Depending on your amount of Gene, you can use them to purchase high-quality jewellery such as the Garnet Pendant, Enamel Halo Diamond Pendant, or Twin Butterfly Diamond Ring through the GeneApp investment platform. The jewellery is manufactured by a trusted brand.

5. Intron

Similar to redeeming your points, you can convert your Gene earnings into Intron, which can then be exchanged into vouchers. Select your preferred Intron merchants on GeneApp and redeem the voucher for you to be entitled to the promotion. With that, you only have to pay the discounted price to the merchant.

With a range of financial investment plans available on GeneApp, you can securely invest in Gene and earn monthly returns.

If you’re looking to grow your wealth, Gene offers a financial plan that can multiply your investment, manage and increase your digital assets. You can also earn a daily income and convert your earnings to invest in property and jewellery.

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